Got a great cause? Want to raise some money for it? Then check out K1 Speed’s Fundraisers — an exciting and enjoyable way to support nonprofit programs like school bands, team uniforms, even causes like cancer research. K1 Speed helps you plan your fundraiser and make it a success, with sharp-looking flyers and, of course, our indoor racing excitement. Best of all, K1 Speed will donate 20% of total sales right back to your group! K1 Speed makes sure your fundraiser starts with FUN.

Fundraiser Inquiry Form


Depuis 2003, K1 Speed ??a apporte son soutien a des causes diverses et a fait des dons à des organisations locales. Le fait de soumettre une demande n’assure pas un don. Cependant, nous examinons soigneusement chacune d’elles.

Soumettre une demande
OK, I want to throw a K1 Speed Fundraiser. What happens now?
  • Fill out the K1 Speed Fundraiser application form online, including date, time and location.
  • For 501(c)3 Organizations:
  • A valid 501(c)3 taxpayer ID is required. Our system will validate your taxpayer ID electronically against the government 501(c)3 list found at
  • All fundraisers for 501(c)3 organizations must be scheduled 10 days in advance.
  • For non-501(c)3 Organizations:
  • You’ll need your organization’s Tax I.D. number.
  • Your organization’s fundraiser application must be submitted 21 days in advance.
  • A completed W-9 will need to be uploaded electronically.
  • You will receive an email response regarding your fundraiser application within 7 business days of submission.
  • If your organization earns more than $600 in a calendar year, an IRS 1099 miscellaneous income form will be sent to the address provided on the W-9 during the application process for tax reporting purposes.
  • Upon approval, we’ll send you an e-mail confirmation for your event along with a customized K1 Speed Fundraiser flyer.
  • Be sure to e-mail or hand out flyers to everyone you know (and even a few people you don’t). Guests at your fundraiser must bring the flyers with them to K1 Speed in order for your organization to get credit for their purchases. Guests may print or show a copy of the flyer on their mobile device.
  • Your charitable organization will earn 20% of each sale when your flyer is presented to our cashier on the night of the event!
  • Your event must generate a minimum of $250 in net sales in order for a donation to be made.
  • Your fundraiser check will be issued 4-6 weeks after the event.
What kinds of organizations qualify to hold a K1 Speed Fundraiser?
  • Any non-profit organization is eligible to participate in our fundraiser program.
  • For 501(c)3 Organizations:
  • Non-profit organizations that are recognized by the government as tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code will not be taxed for any donations earned.
  • For non-501(c)3 Organizations:
  • If your organization earns more than $600 in a calendar year, a 1099 will be sent to the address provided on the W-9 during the application process for tax reporting purposes. For more information please visit

Organizations that have taken part in K1 Speed Fundraisers include:

Sports Teams
Booster Clubs
Boy Scouts
Cheerleading Squads
Religious Organizations

Girl Scouts
High School Sports Teams
Little League Teams
Parent Teacher Organizations
School Bands

Senior Communities
Student Councils
Swim Teams
Teams in Training

Please note, there are many types of non-profit organizations that do not have 501(c)3 status. Please visit the IRS website to confirm if your organization has 501(c)3 status.

How does my organization earn money from this program?

20% of RACE SALES (pre-tax) brought in by your fundraiser will be donated directly to your organization. A check will be issued 4-6 weeks after your event. Gift card purchases, clothing, Paddock Lounge, Pit Cafe or Race Licenses are not applicable toward fundraiser sales.

When can we hold our event?

When you make your inquiry online, one of our event specialists will contact you regarding available dates and times. We suggest Monday-Thursday evenings.

Where can we hold our event?

Host your fundraiser at any of our locations nationwide. Use our center locator to help you find the best location for your group.

How does this work?
  • You publicize your event ahead of time, by handing out customized flyers in person, via email as well as social media.
  • People attending your fundraiser bring their flyers with them, and present them to the cashier when registering.
  • Participating fundraiser guests are required to present a valid fundraiser flyer with each registration to receive credit for the fundraiser. Guests may print out or show a copy of their flyer on their mobile device.
  • Please note : Flyers may not be distributed inside K1 Speed, within 100 yards of K1 Speed, or in the K1 Speed parking lot before or during your event. Thank you for understanding.
Any suggestions for making this a great success?

After you’ve reserved your K1 Speed Fundraiser, take these steps to create the biggest turnout and largest donation to your cause.

  • Put a flyer in your organization’s newsletter.
  • Announce your K1 Speed Fundraiser on your website, and add a link to a downloadable PDF of the flyer.
  • Attach the flyer to an e-mail going out to the family, friends, office, etc.
  • Call your local newspaper. They’re always looking for information on charitable events in the community.
  • Pass out flyers during large gatherings, group meetings, training sessions and area sporting events.
  • Announce the fundraiser on the P.A. system at another local event.
  • Share the details in your online invitations, such as Evite.
  • Announce the event on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Most important, cast a wide net. Talk to everybody.  The more people that come to your K1 Speed Fundraiser, the more money your fund-lovin’ organization will earn.